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The most effective combination of vitamins, minerals and 8 ayurvedic herbs to regularize periods, improve ovulation and control PCOD in women.

Best For: Regular Periods & Ovulation

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User Reviews

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Over 1,00,000+ Cases Solved

Key Benefits

Nonu’s PCOD Care supplements not only controls PCOD but also regularizes period cycle and improves ovulation.

Balances Hormones

Regularizes Periods

Promotes Ovulation

Improves Fertility

Reduces Free Testosterone

Normalizes blood glucose levels

Stops Hair loss

Reduces Acne

Controlling PCOD also has additional benefits on hair and skin health.

Course Duration

Use PCOD Care regularly for 6 months to get the best results.


Recommended duration is 6 months

Use the treatment continuously without breaks

One bottle is designed to last for one month only.

Most of the user reviews shown on the website are taken after 6 months of continuous treatment usage.

How To Use?

Follow the below daily routine to get the best out of PCOD Care supplements:

Ayurvedic PCOD Care:

Take 1 tablet per day before breakfast

Note: You can also find usage instructions on the packaging (cover) of each product.

Ingredients List

Our PCOD Care supplements consist of vitamins, minerals and 8 ayurvedic herbs that help in controlling PCOD, normalizing period flow and improving ovulation. Here is a detailed breakdown of ingredients in the product.

Shatavari, Shatapushpa, Kanchanar, Guggul, Trikatu, Triphala, Krishna Jeeraka, Lodhra, Inositol, Folate, Chromium


What’s inside the box ?

You get 30 tablets of PCOD Care that help in controlling PCOD and normalizes the period cycle. These tablets include the goodness of Vitamins(Folate), Minerals(Chromium) and Ayurveda (Shatavari, Shatapushpa, Lodhra, Kanchanar etc)

How it helps


What to expect

1 - 2 months:
Balances Hormones

The supplements start working during this phase and normalizes blood glucose level and reduces free testosterone in the body.

3 - 4 months:
Regularizes Periods

During this phase you slowly start observing the results of hormonal balance and optimal blood sugar levels as your periods get regular & period flow is normalized.

5 - 6 months:
Improves Fertility

In this phase, you can see further improvement in the period cycle. Ovulation and the quality of the ovum also improves while cysts tend to get smaller or removed.

6+ months:
Live a healthy life

It is recommended to incorporate the use of PCOD care along with a balanced diet and regular exercise to maintain the results and lead a healthy life.

Consumer Study

A short summary of the impact Nonu’s PCOD Care supplement has based on 100,000+ users and multiple scientific studies.


success rate in regularizing periods


Women reported lower period pain


Improvement in Ovulation & Fertility


months of continuous usage led to best results

Meet the Experts

Why is Nonu better than other brands

Science + Nutrition + Ayurveda

Millions of Indians struggle to solve sensitive wellness issues (such as hair loss) every year as they try to choose between random generic solutions without understanding the root cause.

That is why, at Nonu we prioritized you and only you. Our proprietary AI doctor analyzes your health information, identifies root cause and recommends personalized solutions that match your body type.

With you (personalization) at the core and combining modern science with the age old Indian Ayurveda and optimal nutrition, we have solved wellness issues of 1,00,000+ Indians in a holistic way

Free Doctor Consultation

Personalized Hair Growth Kits

Unlimited Doctor Follow ups

Dedicated Health Assistants

Nonu Care

Contains Vitamins, Minerals & Ayurveda

Reduces Free Testosterone

Eases Period Pain

Stops Hair loss

Reduces Acne

Free Doctor Consultation

Unlimited Doctor Follow ups


Contains only one of those

No such effect

No effect on Period Pain

No effect on PCOD hair loss

No effect on Acne

No Consultations

No Support

Frequently Bought Together

Frequently asked questions

What is PCOD ?

PCOD or Polycystic ovary disorder is a chronic condition which is caused by cysts in the ovary. It usually manifests itself through symptoms such as irregular periods, excessive pain or facial hair etc.

Do I have PCOD ?

There are many symptoms that can help us identify if you have PCOD: Irregular periods, prolonged periods, excessive period pain, facial hair, metabolism, blood sugar levels etc.

You can also take our doctor consultation to learn more about it and talk to one of our doctors.

How long does it take to see results ?

We recommend using the treatment for 6 months to see good results. However, in cases of severe PCOD, it might take more than 6 months.

Can I use PCOD Care with other medicines ?

Yes, you can use Nonu's PCOD Care supplements with other medicines of yours.

Are there any side effects ?

Nonu's PCOD Care supplements consists of 100% natural and ayurvedic ingredients. Hence there are absolutely no side effects to be worried about.

Customer Reviews

Based on 100 reviews
Tasneem Agnihotri

I was always dealing with irregular periods. They were very painful and embarrassing. I also had terrible acne, which made me not want to leave the house at all. this pcod care tablet is a blessing for me, i am taking it for 3 months and trust me it works great!

Thanks a million for your kind words. Please call or Whatsapp us on 9010055900 for immediate assistance.

Sreelekha Bokde

I can say that my symptoms are gone and I am happy! Being diagnosed with PCOD is not easy. It's frightening, frustrating, and brings a lot of unwanted attention to your life. I am thankful to Nonu care for PCOD Care

Thanks a million for your kind words. Please call or Whatsapp us on 9010055900 for immediate assistance.

Kavya Bhate

I switched my sister to the PCOD care tablet, and she can't stop thanking me for doing so. Nowadays, she feels more confident in social gatherings and sets new goals for herself. Delivery should be faster I feel- the shipment is always 1-2 days late, however.

Thanks a million for your kind words. Please call or Whatsapp us on 9010055900 for immediate assistance.

Parvati Dan

I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome when I was 18. I chose to take PCOD Care because it had helped one of my friend in the past. she advised that my PCOS was too mild to be treated with drugs and that I should consider a tablet treatment instead. As I researched online, I found success stories from other women who took this pill too. I am perfectly healthy now.

Thank you for your feedback. Please call or Whatasapp us on 9010055900 for immediate assistance.

Aadriti Swami

A friend happened to chat with me when I went online to know more about PCOD. She told me about a tablet and its efficacy in curing PCOS. It felt like a life-saver, thanks to PCOD care capsule which made me feel absolutely normal in no time.

Thank you for taking the time to reviewing our product. It means a lot to us.Please call or Whatsapp us on 9010055900 for immediate assistance.

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