Our mission is to help Indians lead healthier lives by solving wellness issues using a combination of medical advice, science, ayurveda & nutrition


We understand the pain that men go through due to hair loss.

Our mission at Nonu is to successfully stop my hair loss and regrow hair using the complete hair kit which was created by bringing together quality medical advice, medicines and nutrition

The scientific approach of doctor’s guidance along with well rounded personalized treatment plans that include science, ayurveda and nutrition solves wellness issues in a holistic and comprehensive way.

  • Personalized

    We believe high quality healthcare should be tailor made for you and your own conditions. After all, you are one in a billion :). That is why we built India’s first AI doctor and provide free doctor consultations along with unlimited doctor follow ups.

  • Holistic

    We understand that there is no one magic solution for wellness issues. Hence, we believe in picking the best of ingredients / products from science, nutrition and ayurveda to create a well rounded treatment plan for you.

  • Transparent

    We believe you should know everything about online doctor visits, root cause analysis, kits, pricing and the ingredients that go into each of our products. The entire process and products are clear and open for you to see, assess and understand the value

  • Authentic

    We only use authentic ingredients sourced from high quality producers or manufacturers across the country. Our products are approved by FSSAI, Ayush and FDA with the highest quality for consumption by Indian users.

  • Honest

    We believe in providing honest medical advice.  You get free consultation and if our doctors determine that the treatment is not appropriate for you, we will let you know & provide you with alternatives. Our goal is to help you solve the problem the right way.

  • Continuous Care

    We understand that wellness needs are not a one time issue but an ongoing process of providing care and support. That is the reason why our doctors and dedicated health assistants are always available for you before, after and throughout the treatment process.

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