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Minoxidil + Biotin Combo

Not working at all

I am using other hair medicine for hair it works good but the shilajit was waste of money

Product is good my all hair will be grown but hair fall not control

Nice products

Love them

Received 2nd month supply of complete Hair kit for men

I Have to try for 6 month to know the the result.

DHT Blocker Shampoo | Sinibis | 100% Sulfate & Paraben Free

The Complete Hair Kit | For Men

10 in 1 Ayurvedic Hair Oil | Black Seed, Red Onion, Tea Tree, Almond & Argan Oil

The quality of the products like Minoxidil 5%, Hair Mask is amazing.

Even Nonu Care Consultants do not know the effectiveness of their products. They do not try to sell more quantities of their products like other companies. Although I do not have a timeline of photos of my hair, I started using their products - Finasteride 1mg, Minoxidil, Shampoo, and Anti-Dandruff Shampoo during winter. Recently, I tried their Hair Mask, which gave good volume to my hair. I use this mask once or twice a week. I have regained more than 80% of my hair, and there are many baby hairs on my temple still growing.

Apart from using their products, I also went for a full-body check-up and found out that I have Grade 1 fatty liver and deficiencies in Vitamin D and Calcium. So, I took the required supplements or vitamins. Additionally, I exercise for 30 minutes a day, use coconut oil with few drops of rosemary essential oil once or twice a week, and use a habit app to keep track of how punctually I am using the products. I also eat soaked pumpkin seeds, almonds, walnuts, peanuts 5 times a week, as well as fruits and salads.

Till I didn’t got my order didn’t delivered

Non receipt of kit

Not received the kit , it was returned back without my consent. No one contacted me for delivery. Please take necessary action against official at fault.

Hair loss

Hair became thicker but still having hairfall problem..don't know what still confused about this I think this is a scam

Works, but Smells Bad

The conditioner is the only Nonucare product I have a problem with, very happy with all the others. While I'm sure the conditioner works really well, I personally cannot stand the smell. Others may not mind it, but I'm using this conditioner from time to time only so that I don't end up wasting it (and I bought 2 bottles because I'm otherwise happy with the other products! 🤦🏻), and mostly use another conditioner, especially when I have to go out socially. It's a pity.

The Complete Hair Kit | For Men

I used gold shilajit and it’s very infective my stress level was low as compare to before

Your Minoxidil 5% is just awesome!

Finasteride 1mg | For Men

I could see good hair growth

I could see good hair growth

The Complete Hair Kit | For Men

Product doesn't show long lasting results

Hi this is Nicky Raj from Hyderabad
I have been using minoxidil since more than an year.
In the starting it shows great results and my hair volume has increased well I was so happy
But as time went on I started loosing my hair and hair volume reduced my scalp started to come out and visible again which is making my confidence low
I wonder how come a product which showed great results has again stop working
I'll send my pics you can go through and tell a solution to get my hair back

The first pic was in the Jan 2022.. that was the best form of my hair post hair loss started
You can observe as time goes on I was loosing hair and scalp was visible more and more
I have written dates and month also kindly go through and help me

Hair Removal Cream
Nitesh Bhandari

Hair Removal Cream


It work definitely in 70%

Not now

I am just using it