Frequently asked questions


How is Nonu different from other hair care brands ?

Indian men try out random solutions for hair loss without understanding the root cause of it.

At Nonu, we try to understand the very reasons behind your hair loss and only then recommend a personalized solution for you. Nonu is different because it is a complete package. With Nonu, you get:

  • Free doctor consultations and a detailed hair report from the doctor.
  • Personalized hair growth kits tailor made for your stage of hair loss and underlying root cause. Our kits are made with a unique combination of science, multi vitamins and natural herbs.
  • Unlimited Doctor Follow ups to assist you before, during and after the treatment.
  • Dedicated Health Assistants who are always available for you. They track your progress regularly every month and ensure you are on the right track to solve hair loss and male pattern baldness.

This is the only approach that helped our Founder solve his Stage 4 of Baldness and the same approach has now worked for tens of thousands of our users.

How do I know the stage of my hair loss ?

There are 7 stages of male pattern baldness. It starts with receding hairline and slowly manifests itself as growing bald spots on top of the head. Please refer to the image below for more information.

Note: If you can see your scalp or if you are in stage 3 of hair loss it means you have already lost about 30% - 40% of your hair density.

stages of male pattern baldness

No one in my family is bald. Can I still lose hair and go bald ?

Short answer is yes.

Genetics is a complex subject. There’s always a possibility of losing your hair due to your genes even if no one in your immediate family (mother, father) has baldness or hair loss.

When we talk about genetics, your entire ancestry is to be considered. So, unfortunately, even if your grandparents or uncles have some degree of baldness and if those genes (DNA) are present in your case then it is quite possible for you to lose hair and go bald.

Can Baldness be stopped ?

The good news is yes, baldness can be stopped if you are in stages 1-5 as shown below.

During these stages we have hair follicles that are sleeping but can be activated with US FDA approved treatments. (Note: There are only 2 US FDA approved treatments that are officially approved to stop baldness and be rest assured these are present in our hair kits.)

However, if you are in stages 6-7 then most of the hair follicles are dead and hence hair regrowth is not possible.

stages of male pattern baldness

Can women use these products ?

Women can use our  Classic Hair Kit  which is also suitable to treat Female Pattern Baldness, Postpartum hair loss etc.

How can I trust these products to stop male pattern baldness or hair loss ?

As said before, our hair kits contain the only 2 officially approved treatments to stop male pattern baldness.

No other products besides these are made to stop Male Pattern Baldness which accounts for 90% of men’s hair loss.

These treatments are approved after decades of research and testing by the top most US Drug Authority. Here are the links for your reference:

  • Scientific study indicating an average regrowth of 160 hairs per square inch - Link
  • Scientific study proving that these treatments can stop baldness: - Link


How long does it take to see results ?

It takes about 4-6 months to see good visible results.

Natural hair growth takes time. In the first month you will see little to no difference as weak hair is pushed out. This weaker hair will be replaced with stronger and thicker hair in the coming months.

There might be a slight increase in hair fall in the first 20 days but do not worry, it is temporary and is a good sign that treatment is working. Once this phase ends, hair fall starts reducing slowly and by the end of 2 months it should be under control.

By 3rd month you can see hair regrowth and after 4+ months you shall have thicker and stronger hair. At this point most of the bald spots should be covered.

Can I stop after 6 months ?

After using the kit for 6 months and regrowing most of the hair, we recommend you to switch to maintenance mode. During this phase, you can only use 1 / 2 products on a reduced dosage (2-3 times a week) after discussing with your doctor at Nonu.

This is similar to applying hair oil for better hair health. It is recommended to ensure that your results are maintained and the hair stays thick and strong.

How much hair regrowth can I see ?

Are there any side effects ?

Nonu’s Biotin Multivitamin Gummies & Caffeine based DHT Blocker Shampoo are made of 100% natural ingredients and do not cause any side effects. They are perfectly safe, healthy and can be used by men, women and kids as well.

Now coming to the treatments, there are 2 important things you should know:

  • The probability of having a side effect is significantly low. Less than 1% of our users had seen minor effects such as itching or headache on the scalp due to Minibis.
  • Even in those rare cases, the side effects are absolutely temporary and will go away almost immediately after stopping the treatment.

Note: If you face any issues, please contact us immediately. We will take care of arranging free consultations and provide immediate action steps that would be required to ensure that you are back to normal in 2 days.

You can click here for more detailed information about individual side effects of Minibis and Finibis.

Is Nonu Care better than Hair Transplant ?

You would need Nonu Care even after a hair transplant.

Especially, if you get a premature hair transplant done during stages 3 / 4, the small bald spots could be covered.

However, the existing hair surrounding those bald spots is still prone to baldness and you risk losing it and seeing new bald spots. In these cases, you would need 1 or 2 more transplant correction procedures to cover the new bald spots.

So in order to avoid that hassle, doctors do recommend the same US FDA approved treatments to stop any further hair loss and to maintain the transplanted hair.

Note: If you are in stages 1-5 of Male Pattern Baldness, it is always recommended to use Nonu Care. For people in advanced stages of baldness (Stages 6&7) where at least 60% - 70% of their hair is lost, hair transplant would be a better option.

stages of male pattern baldness

Is Nonu Care better than PRP ?

PRP is a procedure in which platelets from your blood are taken and injected onto your scalp. This is not officially approved to combat baldness. However, there have been moderate results with PRP where about 30% - 40% of users had seen hair regrowth.

With Nonu, the probability of results are usually about 93% and you get the only treatments that are officially approved by the top most US Drug Authority to stop baldness and regrow hair.

Compared to the cost of PRP which can vary from Rs. 8000 / session (Rs. 50,000 / year) Nonu care is 10x cheaper and 2x better in terms of results.