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Gold Shilajit (Buy2 Get 1) | Improves performance & sleep quality | 100% Natural |Ayush Certified

Energy levels usually reduce after 29 years. You get 30 Shilajit capsules that are a powerhouse of electrolytes & nutrients to improve muscle mass, build strength, and energy.

Best For: Stamina, stress-relief, weight loss & lean muscle mass

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Gold Shilajit (Buy2 Get 1) | Improves performance & sleep quality | 100% Natural |Ayush Certified

Gold Shilajit (Buy2 Get 1) | Improves performance & sleep quality | 100% Natural |Ayush Certified

Rs. 1,398.00
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Over 1,00,000+ Cases Solved

Key Benefits

Nonu’s ayurvedic shilajit supplement is natural and AYUSH approved.

Improves blood circulation

Supports muscle growth

Supports absorption of iron and minerals

Reduces stress and anxiety

Powerhouse of electrolytes and nutrients

Leads to effective workouts

It is 100% safe to consume and has no side effects.

Course Duration

Use ayurvedic shilajit supplements regularly for 6 months to see good results.


Recommended duration is 6 months

Use the supplements continuously without breaks

One bottle is designed to last for one month only.

You can continue using the supplements after 6 months as part of your routine as they are 100% natural and safe to use.

How to use

Here is the best way to use Nonu’s ayurvedic shilajit supplements.

Take 1 capsule per day after dinner

Use warm milk to consume the capsule

For best results take the capsules for 6 months

Note: You can consume the supplement with warm water if you don't like Milk

Ingredients List

Nonu’s ayurvedic shilajit supplements help in improving energy levels. Below is the detailed list of ingredients that are loaded in the capsule:

Shilajit 500 mg

Ashwagandha 200 mg

Tongkat Ali 200 mg

Icariin 100 mg

Note: These capsules are 100% natural and ayush certified.


What’s inside the box ?

Made with gold standard Shilajit and Ayurvedic herbs, these capsules help you lead a healthy, energetic and active life. They are proven to improve blood circulation, support muscle growth and enhance energy levels.

How it helps


What to expect

1-2 months:
Reduces stress

Improving energy is a slow process. By the end of the first month the ayurvedic ingredients in the supplement will start to make an impact.

3-4 months:
Increases energy levels

During this phase you start to observe changes such as lower stress and anxiety levels. You might also sleep peacefully.

5 months:
Improves daily activity

During this phase your mood gets better & enthusiastic. With an increase in energy levels, your daily activity starts to improve as well.

6+ months:
Boosts muscle growth

Combined with regular exercise you start to see the difference in muscle mass and your muscle strength improves as well.

Consumer Study

A short summary of the impact Nonu’s ayurvedic shilajit supplements had based on 100,000+ users and multiple scientific studies.


Consumers saw improvement in energy


Users reported better muscle growth


Users observed improvement in daily activity


months of continuous usage led to best results

Meet the Experts

Why is Nonu better than other brands

Science + Nutrition + Ayurveda

Millions of Indians struggle to solve sensitive wellness issues (such as hair loss) every year as they try to choose between random generic solutions without understanding the root cause.

That is why, at Nonu we prioritized you and only you. Our proprietary AI doctor analyzes your health information, identifies root cause and recommends personalized solutions that match your body type.

With you (personalization) at the core and combining modern science with the age old Indian Ayurveda and optimal nutrition, we have solved wellness issues of 1,00,000+ Indians in a holistic way

Free Doctor Consultation

Personalized Hair Growth Kits

Unlimited Doctor Follow ups

Dedicated Health Assistants

Nonu Care

100% Natural & Safe

Contains full dose of Shilajit

Reduces stress & anxiety

Has Gold Standard Shilajit

Supports muscle health

No Side Effects


Uses artificial ingredients

Has minor dose of Shilajit

No effect on Stress

Uses impure Shilajit

Does not support muscles

Generates heat & indigestion

Frequently Bought Together

Frequently asked questions

I don’t have any sexual problems. Can I still use it as a general-purpose supplement?


The majority of our clients use it as a general-purpose supplement and they love it.

What to Expect?

Month 1: No Results
Month 2: Energy level increases
Month 3: Sleep Quality begins to improve
Month 4: Stress and Anxiety is under control
Month 6: Optimum physical and mental performance can be experienced

Will it help in my workout?

Yes, our supplement improves endurance and core strength by at least 40% and boosts athletic performance naturally.

It also helps in building lean muscle mass and weight cut.

Are there any side effects?

These are 100% natural general-purpose supplements and chances of any side effects are extremely rare.

One may rarely experience minor discomforts such as indigestion or increased heat levels in the body.

You must immediately stop in case of any discomfort. The problem will auto-resolve within 24-48 hours.

Who should not use this product?

-People with serious medical conditions, especially heart, kidney, or liver.

-People with Haemochromatosis i.e excess iron levels in the blood.

-People under 18 years of age

-People with pre-existing hormonal imbalance issues

Can the size of my penis be increased with this product?

Absolutely not.

And there is no product out there which can do that.

The average penis size in Men across the globe is 5.5”.

Medical research has also shown that a penis size of 3.5” or more, when erect, is enough to please a partner. So, don’t sweat it.

Eat well, meditate, work out & stay healthy - and your sex life will be good regardless of the size of your manhood.

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