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Minoxidil 5% | Alcohol Free with 2x Penetration Rate

The only US FDA-approved solution that is specifically designed to stop hair loss, regrow hair and improve hair density in both Men & Women🎯

Alcohol Free & 2X Effective

Best For: Treating hair loss & increasing hair thickness and regrowth

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This is a prescription item
Breastfeeding or pregnant women must not use it
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Minoxidil 5% | Alcohol Free with 2x Penetration Rate

Minoxidil 5% | Alcohol Free with 2x Penetration Rate

Rs. 649.00
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User Reviews

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Over 1,00,000+ Cases Solved

Key Benefits

Stops hair loss & Improves hair thickness

Reactivates weak & dying hair follicles

Reverses hair thinning

Stops hair loss completely within 90 days

Improves hair density within 180 days

Improves blood circulation and provides nutrition to hair follicles.

Course Duration

Use Minoxidil solution regularly for 6 months to see good visible results.


Recommended duration is 6 months

Use the treatment continuously without breaks

One bottle is designed to last for one month only.

Most of the user review photos and videos shown on the website are taken after 6 months of continuous treatment usage.

How To Use?

Follow the below daily routine to get the best out of Minoxidil solution:

Apply 1 ml of Minoxidil twice a day (morning & evening)

Take 1 ml in a dropper or press the spray pump 4-5 times to release 1 ml of solution

Apply Minoxidil directly on the scalp or skin and gently massage for 2 minutes

Make sure to apply minoxidil on dry scalp only

Do not use any oil, gel or spray for at least 1 hour after applying Minoxidil

Note: You can also find usage instructions on the packaging (cover) of the product.

Ingredients List

Our alcohol free Minoxidil 5% solution helps in stopping hair loss and also promotes hair regrowth and thickness.

Minoxidil 5% (Alcohol Free):

Our US FDA approved Minoxidil solution improves blood circulation to the hair follicles. With increased blood supply, hair follicles receive more nutrition and nourishment. This helps in stopping hair loss and also activates any sleeping hair follicles thereby promoting hair growth.

Alcohol Free:

Moreover, Nonu’s minoxidil is an alcohol free solution which has several advantages such as no flaking and itching unlike other Minoxidil solutions. This is because Alcohol evaporates the solution and natural oils on the scalp thereby causing dryness, itching. Hence alcohol free minoxidil solution is usually recommended by doctors.

2x Effective (Penetration Enhancers):

Finally, Nonu’s Minoxidil also has added penetration enhancers that make the solution 2x more effective than other Minoxidil brands. These enhancers help the solution reach the hair follicles twice as quickly as others.


Who should not use it?

❌Breast-feeding or Pregnant Women

❌People with Scalp Psoriasis

❌People with unhealed wounds on the scalp

❌People with chronic heart or liver conditions

❌People who are on meds for Anxiety or Depression

❌People with chronic low BP

❌People under 18 years of age

What’s inside the box ?

US FDA approved solution that is used to stop any type of hair loss including early onset of pattern baldness. It can be used by both men & women.

How it helps


What to expect

1 - 2 months:
Stops hair loss

Hair fall gradually reduces in the first 2 months and should completely stop by the end of it. There will likely be no visible changes in this phase.

Note that some people might observe a slight increase in hair loss in the first 15 days. Remember this is normal and temporary.

3 - 4 months:
Regrow hair

During this phase tiny hair starts to appear and by the end of 4 months you should be able to see a significant increase in hair density and thickness as well.

5 - 6 months:
Improves density

In this phase, you can see further improvement in hair density up to 20%. You will also start to notice that the hair thinning issue does not exist anymore.

6+ months:
Maintain the results

It is recommended to incorporate the use of Minoxidil into your weekly routine similar to hair oil. This helps to maintain the results and have healthy thick hair.

Consumer Study

A short summary of the impact Nonu’s Minoxidil had based on 100,000+ users and multiple scientific studies.


success rate in stopping male pattern baldness


additional hair growth per square inch area


Improvement in overall hair density


months of continuous usage led to best results

Meet the Experts

Why is Nonu better than other brands

Science + Nutrition + Ayurveda

Millions of Indians struggle to solve sensitive wellness issues (such as hair loss) every year as they try to choose between random generic solutions without understanding the root cause.

That is why, at Nonu we prioritized you and only you. Our proprietary AI doctor analyzes your health information, identifies root cause and recommends personalized solutions that match your body type.

With you (personalization) at the core and combining modern science with the age old Indian Ayurveda and optimal nutrition, we have solved wellness issues of 1,00,000+ Indians in a holistic way

Free Doctor Consultation

Personalized Hair Growth Kits

Unlimited Doctor Follow ups

Dedicated Health Assistants

Nonu Care

Stops Baldness

Reactivates dying hair follicles

Reverses hair thinning

No itching, flaking

Acts 2x quickly

Free Doctor Consultation

Unlimited Doctor Follow ups


Does not treat Baldness

No such effect

No effect on thinning

Irritation & white flakes

Works slowly

Free Doctor Consultation

Unlimited Doctor Follow ups

Frequently Bought Together

Frequently asked questions

What happens when I stop using Nonu's Minoxidil?

If your hair loss is due to stress, diet, or pollution, then implementing some lifestyle changes along with a 4-6 month course of minoxidil, if necessary, will ensure permanent results.

Only in case of genetic hair loss, stopping Minoxidil will resume the hair loss within one year of stoppage.

Therefore, maintenance is required in such cases for long-lasting results.

It can cost 600-800 every 2-3 Months after completing first 4-6 Months of Treatment

In case you wish to discuss this in detail please reach out to our support team or read the following article that explains why maintenance is necessary.

Can I apply Hair Oil while using this?

We recommend that you should apply hair oil weekly 2-3 times during your treatment.
Oiling helps retain the natural moisture on your scalp and prevents dryness and itching.

Oil can be applied 90 minutes post-application of the Minoxidil 5% solution.
In case you wish to discuss this in detail please reach out to our support team.

Do I need to use a Derma-roller with Nonu's Minoxidil?

Not at all.

Nonu’s Minoxidil is India’s first minoxidil that contains proprietary penetration enhancers making it 2x more effective in stimulating hair follicles when compared to other marketed formulations.

Technically, our Minoxidil already offers the same stimulation that you would get from using a normal Minoxidil + Derma-rolling.

Check out our article on efficacy of derma-rolling for hair growth.

Can Minoxidil be used on healthy hair?

No, Minoxidil should not be used on healthy hair.

It must be applied only in the affected area of the scalp where thinning and balding is prominent under proper medical supervision

I have used similar treatment in the past. Will Nonu Care help me?

Topical Minoxidil and Oral Finasteride are the only 2 US FDA-approved medicines that are approved universally to treat Genetic hair loss.

If you have already used it regularly for at least 6 months under proper medical supervision & have not seen any results, then Nonu’s treatment may not help you as well.

In this case, we recommend that you follow up with a good Doctor locally & explore the option of getting a Hair Transplant or trying a Hair Patch.

Are there any side effects from Nonu's Minoxidil?

Minoxidil is a safe and widely used medication with numerous studies indicating that side effects are highly uncommon.

In fact, it has now become an OTC product further bolstering its safety profile.

Extremely rare Side-effects may include

Itching, redness, or scalp irritation
Facial Hair Growth

Discontinue use and report to your doctor immediately in case of any discomfort

Nonu’s Minoxidil is Alcohol-free and therefore the probability of any common side effects such as itching, irritation, or dryness is extremely low(<1%)

Read the following article for complete information on our Minoxidil

*Minoxidil must not be used if you are already on medications for a heart condition, are pregnant or breast-feeding

2%, 5%, 10% or 20% Minoxidil: Which is better?

FDA has only approved 2% and 5% Topical Solution in the treatment of hair loss in both men and women.

In one randomized clinical trial, it was found that 5% was superior to 2% as 45% more hair regrowth was observed with 5%. The response time was also quicker for 5%.

Topical minoxidil (5% and 2%) was well tolerated by the men in this trial without evidence of systemic effects.

Many people tend to believe that higher the composition, better the results.

A thorough clinical evaluation of higher compositions on a broader scale is yet to be undertaken. However, the limited data from independent studies have concluded that compositions of 10% or 20% aren't significantly better than 5%, and the risk of side-effects also tend to increase with higher compositions.

This also signifies that more isn’t always necessarily better.

Over the past few decades, 5% has become the Gold Standard for the treatment of hair loss in men.

Regardless of what composition you’d like to use, it’s very important that you always follow up with a qualified dermatologist first. Taking things in your own hands is never wise when you’re dealing with medical grade products.

Can Nonu's Minoxidil be used for beard growth?

Yes, it can help in stimulating beard growth but you must be 18 years or older.

In case of any discomfort, you must discontinue using it.

You need to apply 1ml of solution daily for 4-6 months to see visible improvements.

Read our full article for complete overview

Oral vs Topical Minoxidil: Which is better for hair growth?

Oral Minoxidil was never approved for treating Hair loss and therefore you must not use it.

The top regulatory bodies US FDA and EMA have approved only Topical(Liquid) Minoxidil 2% & 5% for treating hair loss in males and females.

When will I see results with Nonu’s Minoxidil?

You will have to use Nonu’s recommended treatment regularly for at least 4-6 months to see visible improvements.

What can you expect during your hair growth journey?

Month 1

Slight increase in hair fall as weak and thin hair will first fall out

This initial shedding phase is perfectly normal and will stop within the first 2 months.

Month 2

Hair loss begins to stabilize

Month 3

Hair loss is under control

Month 4

Thinning is reversed, and all bald spots are covered to a very good extent.

You need to follow up with our doctors once you have completed your 4 months of treatment.

Can I get my hairline back 100% using Minoxidil?

Male Pattern Baldness is a progressive condition with no permanent cure.

It starts with the receding of the hairline, followed by hair thinning and a developing bald spot from the center of the scalp.

The US FDA-approved treatment that we offer effectively controls the progression of baldness. It also promotes new regrowth up to stage 5 of Hair loss.

However, the already receded hairline can't be restored back to 100% if most hair follicles in that region are dead.

Your goal with this treatment must be to stop the further receding and control the overall progression of baldness.

Nonu care helps you achieve just that quite effectively.

Customer Reviews

Based on 195 reviews
Jasmeet Gulati

Nice products for hair. Good result

Rakesh Garnaik

Minoxidil 5% | Alcohol Free with 2x Penetration Rate

Jayasimha Neelam

Minoxidil 5% | Alcohol Free with 2x Penetration Rate

Hasibor rahman

Minoxidil 5% | Alcohol Free with 2x Penetration Rate

Kiran kumar Madisetti

It's been 3 months started using Nonu care products .I haven't seen a drastic difference so far however compare to other minoxydyl I feel this company is good and not feeling itchy

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